Friday, September 14, 2012

Tree of live Talit for my Niece's Bat Mitzva

Cotton Pieced and Applique

Back (Folded just past the half-way mark) 

This is my original  pattern: patchwork, applique and  quilted using  Free Motion Quilting on my domestic machine. I do NOT have  an embroidery system everything was done  by FREE MOTION QUILTING . Each letter was carefully  sewn by tracing it in gold or silver thread and then going back and filling it in to give the look of gold or silver filigree as I sewed.

 My niece is very into ecology, hence the water, tree of life,  earth, sun, and sky theme.

"I will Bless you and make your name great!" Gen. 12:2
Free Motion  Quilting! (AKA Thread Painting) 

My own Star in Sun pattern
 Silver  and invisible thread quilted details   

Front and  back of each corner 
Each corner must be square and  knotted  as prescribed.

Close-up of the back corners.  I used Graphic Converter and Freehand programs to alter Microsoft Clipart so the image was softened,changing the colors  to make the look more like an olive tree. 
Summer Tree of Life          
 My Original Pattern, Applique and  Free Motion Quilted

Winter Tree of Life          My Original Pattern, Applique and  Free Motion Quilted

Summer Tree of Life

Winter Tree of Life

Center of Back withBatik Tree Pattern fabric 


  1. Toby, that is absolutely glorious! That has to be one of the most incredible tallitot I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing it!