Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Quilts


 To my total amazement this quilt was selected to be one of the semi-finalists in McCall's Quilting
Quilt Design Star™ 
 Contest a few years ago, 2010! (Along with about 130 others)  It was quite an honor for a beginner like me.

 Alll content copyright 2010,2012 Charlene T. Kriemelmeyer unless otherwise noted.

I  do not have a machine that does font embroidery nor fancy embroidery patterns, so I  used photo imaging to print a font and to add a shadow image of Sylvie's name onto the fabric.
Here is the finished wall hanging.
Along with about 126 others
Images of Sylvie were isolated and new backgrounds behind her  were created on my computer, basically designing my own fabrics to match each of the  pictures   before I printed them onto white fabric.

This is one Paper Panache's MysteryBlocks

 Wall hanging:  Center panel "Crazy Bird "from Quilt Maker Magazine.  This was one of my 1st attempts at quilting before I  learned how to photograph them and how to make a good binding.  "Maia" was my first attempt at free motion lettering.
This was the first time  I manipulated the photos to  isolate  the subject and create my own backgrounds  on the computer. Lots of fun, but time consuming. Someday, if I hit the lottery,  I'll buy Photoshop.

Chubby Charmers Pattern

 Free Motion Quilting on my short arm machine. My new obsession. See earlier post for details.

Made by cutting striped fabric!

Hospice Quilt. Free Motion Quilting Practice.

Friday, May 11, 2012

These are Free Motion Quilting on my short arm machine. My new obsession.After discovering that Leah Day has not been quilting for most of her life  as I always suspected from looking at the quality of her work,   So the Only way to get good at something must be to jump in with all 4 appendages .I figured that I should do something with my big circles in side of circles so I made protective arm pads for my couch. Then I decided I was finally ready do the bordetr for the back of the sofa where the cat likes to grab onto when it is time for her to go to sleep downstairs. 
I decided that this would force me to get really into detail while doing free motion.  I  free motion quilted the border and also around the flowers & leaves  and around & in  some of the borders on the cheater panel.