Saturday, November 29, 2014

It Took Seven Years, But It Was Worth It.

  Third Place Ribbon in the  2014 County Fair   Copyright 1014 Charlene Tobey Kriemelmeyer
...and I Did The Dance Of Joy When I Finished It. Now on to the next project.

The Big Guy's Favorite Plaything 

Bows, Glitter, Beads & Sequins for the Queen Kitty

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Looking through some old photos

Life-size horses-- Fairbanks, Alaska & Murano, Italy

 Sailing BVI in another life

To MY Surprise...

My experiment won a blue ribbon at the county fair! Now on to the next challenge.

Monday, July 29, 2013


My latest quilt. This started as an experiment to work out my questions about some techniques I wanted to try for a new quilt that I am designing.... and then this little thing took on a lovely life of its own.   I just let the fabrics talk to me.        
The floral design was done by Broderie Perse, cutting out small pieces of flowers from a floral and appliqueing them onto fabric in a  totally new design that I made up.  Then I used Trapunto to give them extra stuffing so they stood out at different levels from the rest of the piece.        
Yes, That is a blue tailed skink I drew on the computer, printed onto material and appliqued onto the quilt. There are lots of them sunning in our yard.

 Copyright C.T. Kriemelmeyer 2013   
This is my original design, using the “Jewel Box Jr. Gems 5& 10” Template from  


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tree of live Talit for my Niece's Bat Mitzva

Cotton Pieced and Applique

Back (Folded just past the half-way mark) 

This is my original  pattern: patchwork, applique and  quilted using  Free Motion Quilting on my domestic machine. I do NOT have  an embroidery system everything was done  by FREE MOTION QUILTING . Each letter was carefully  sewn by tracing it in gold or silver thread and then going back and filling it in to give the look of gold or silver filigree as I sewed.

 My niece is very into ecology, hence the water, tree of life,  earth, sun, and sky theme.

"I will Bless you and make your name great!" Gen. 12:2
Free Motion  Quilting! (AKA Thread Painting) 

My own Star in Sun pattern
 Silver  and invisible thread quilted details   

Front and  back of each corner 
Each corner must be square and  knotted  as prescribed.

Close-up of the back corners.  I used Graphic Converter and Freehand programs to alter Microsoft Clipart so the image was softened,changing the colors  to make the look more like an olive tree. 
Summer Tree of Life          
 My Original Pattern, Applique and  Free Motion Quilted

Winter Tree of Life          My Original Pattern, Applique and  Free Motion Quilted

Summer Tree of Life

Winter Tree of Life

Center of Back withBatik Tree Pattern fabric 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dedicated to the Year of the Cat

A little Thread Painted friend

Thread Painted mouse and Free Motion  Border design

 Another Thread Painted Mouse

Back of the quilt

Free Notion Quilting in the border